Episode 008

DaM 144 bw

Dan & Markus

The OCHO!!!  Get it?  No?  Watch “DodgeBall” with Ben Stiller.

In this episode we discuss the art preview for the three books coming out and the merits of what we see and the points the referee took away because of what was omitted from the cover.  We then talk about the very same cover in color.  Does it really take up that much talk-time?  Yes.  Yes, it does.  We then move over to another artsy thing – the color plates for the new art: namely the Questor’s book.  So if you’ve ever had anyone describe art to you (badly) that’s what we do this episode.  We also bring up the new mechanic debuting in the GM’s book – POISONS.  Another lengthy episode, you’ve been warned.