Episode 012

DaM 144 bw

If there is one thing that can derail our love of Earthdawn and prevent us from talking about it endlessly it is anything related to the Whedon-verse of Firefly.  Today is that day.  We whipped out our shiny new “Firefly: The Board Game”, included the “Pirates & Bounty Hunters” expansion and set out to play in the Black.  We review the game on production value, playability, ease-of-learning, and likelihood of re-playing the game in the future.  We tie in as much as we can with the Earthdawn RPG (like exploding die rolls) and talk about a few tangents to both games.  After this podcast your days of taking us seriously will certainly be coming to a middle.  The Earthdawn Timeline (part 3) will continue on our next Earthdawn-themed podcast.  Find the podcast, play the game, keep flyin’.

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